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Susan MacWilliam – Observations and Communications

Susan MacWilliam | Observations and Communications Susan MacWilliam’s videos, photographic works, sculptures and installations investigate obscure and overlook histories; and reflect on the research, experimental apparatus, and personalities of those … Continue reading

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Bos | Maria McKinney

Maria McKinney’s exhibition for Illuminations gallery considers a possible co-relation between two seemingly disparate subject areas – genetics and pagan ritual. In pre-Christian Europe, people annually performed customs in relation … Continue reading

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David Beattie | the distance between things

  David Beattie | the distance between things | 16 October-17 November Assembled from a variety of everyday materials, David Beattie’s work attempts to provide a framework for assessing our … Continue reading

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Becks Butler | Pushing Boundaries

‘Pushing Boundaries’ is an ongoing project which celebrates the institutional and intellectual empowerment of women. In 1842, Anna Atkins, the first recorded female photographer, began her investigation of British algae … Continue reading

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Sean Lynch ‘For the Birds, For the Birds’

Sean Lynch’s exhibition at the Illuminations gallery considers the medieval myth of Buile Suibhne, an ongoing topic in his investigations of how folklore and history can be liberally inherited and … Continue reading

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Ailbhe Ní Bhriain

Ailbhe Ní Bhriain’s film installations depict archetypal or generic locations that have been transformed into a dream-like theatricality. Whether a flooded library inhabited by birds of prey or a disused … Continue reading

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Aleana Egan

Illuminations is delighted to host a retrospective of the work of Aleana Egan. Aleana Egan’s art is predominantly intuitive and subjective; she uses simple materials, assembled or barely transformed, to … Continue reading

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Niamh O’Malley ‘Views’

Curated by Aoife Tunney Niamh O’Malley uses video, drawing, painting and sculpture, to examine ways in which we try to access the world through images. Her works often act as … Continue reading

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Kevin Kirwan – Deeps Removed

DEEPS REMOVED  The word ‘remains’ can be traced back to the Latin word remanēr, which is the equivalent of ‘to stay’. Remains could be described as ‘the parts left over … Continue reading

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Marie Farrington – These Circular Ruins

Marie Farrington’s sculptures trace the intimate intersections between history, knowledge and the act of making through an exploration of the subtle forces and entropies contained within spaces and materials. These … Continue reading

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