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Aleana Egan


Illuminations is delighted to host a retrospective of the work of Aleana Egan.

Aleana Egan’s art is predominantly intuitive and subjective; she uses simple materials, assembled or barely transformed, to create enigmatic works that have a restrained tone and structure. She groups these pieces into installations that are oddly ambivalent; on the one hand she draws our attention to the way things look, how they settle, sag, curve, or hang; on the other, her forms and shapes act as traces or memories, and as a tentative articulation of shifting responses to remembered places or everyday moments. Gaps and absences are at the heart of what Egan does, and this is what makes her work a little puzzling. Similarly, her frequent literary and historical allusions, which are never explained, are reticent and elliptic.

Aleana Egan lives and works in Dublin. Recent solo exhibitions include Douglas Hyde Gallery, Gallery 2, Dublin, (2015); Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin (2015); Mary Mary Gallery, Glasgow (2014); Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2013); Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin (2012); The Drawing Room, London (2011); Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (2010); Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2009); and Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (2008).



The works shown here include photographs, videos and films from the last ten years. In the vitrines there are paintings and sculptural assemblages.

‘Clothes pile 1’ 2015 black and white 35mm transferred to digital format

‘Villeneuve Loubet’ 2006 video 1min 21sec loop

‘Caisson’ 2010 16mm transferred to HD 6min 34sec loop collaboration with Michael John Whelan

‘town and terrain’ 2011 16mm transferred to HD 4min 13sec loop

‘Suzy Tells’ 2011 video 4min 52sec loop

no title, black and white photo

no title, black and white photo

‘Clothes pile 2’ 2015 black and white 35mm transferred to digital format



‘On not being able to paint after Marion Milner’ 2017
card, tape, filler, paint, casette tape, dyed muslin, linen, cotton
23 x 16 x 3 cms dimensions variable

‘space and separateness’ 2009
acrylic, collage, varnish on canvas
24 x 24 x 2 cms

no title 2016
framed painting, fireback. 15 x 28 cms

Selection of books that have informed the artists practice.

For more information on Aleana Egan’s work:

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